1. Whisper of Leaves
  2. Flow of Air

Kassey Le Bow, flute / Sarah Broomell, piano

In the late summer of 2002, I walked in the precincts of Enkakuji temple in my hometown, Kamakura, Japan. Although it was a typical stifling summer day of eastern Japan, as I closed my eyes and strained my ears to the decaying leaves murmuring in the breeze, I could feel the signs of Autumn coming. This piece depicts the changing colors of Autumn, such a short and fragile season but the most beautiful season of the year.

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Jeffery Crowell, timpani on the stage / Jason Haaheim, timpani outside the hall

When you look at a mirror, what do you find in it? You may see yourself or the mirror may project somebody or something else depending on the angle you stare from. Then do you think the object in the mirror the true replica of what you see in the real world? Doesn't it have its own thought, mind or will? Can you communicate with it, or even fight? Even the object in the mirror might speak to your mind. If you realize that you can talk with the object in the mirror, can you surely say you are the object in the real world? Who is in the mirror?

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  1. rub with a finger
  2. peck with a nail
  3. shake

Jeffery Crowell, vibraphone
Dan Overholt, violin / Chiyoko Uehara, violin / Briana Bandy, viola / Eunkyung Hong, violoncello
Molly Buzick, conductor

One day when I was about to start writing a new piece of music (eventually this piece), I had a glass of water in my hand. Since no idea of music was coming up to my mind, I wasted time fingering the glass. However, I realized that the glass, water, fingers and nails produce delicate but exquisite acoustic and visual harmonies. This piece of music illustrates various tremors of water in a glass.

DOWNLOAD 1 minute Excerpts (1mb mp3 format): 1st Movement - 2nd Movement - 3rd Movement